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I have terrible TMJ and sinus issues. I felt so much relief with the Mpress! It felt AMAZING and therapeutic too! 

Angela Welchel

I love the Mpress after my microdermabrasion. Always feels so cool and soothing!


I love that my facial always includes an amazing wrinkle treatment to press out my lines. Great Invention!


The Mpress is AMAZING! I have rosacea so this was my first cold facial experience. Exhilarating!

Carly S.

Thanks for spending extra time and using the Mpress to smooth away my puffy eyes!

Ellie P.

I've had many facials over the years but the Mpress Facial is my favorite! I love how you heat the tool and iron out my wrinkles. I just wish I could buy it retail.

Kylie Bellinger

I have to say your facials stand out from all the rest! Clever invention. See you again soon!


The Mpress feels like cool, silky ribbons going across my skin. Thats my favorite part!

Kathryn L.


To inspire our clients with the tools and education to fuel their well being, promote healing, enhance ones natural beauty and bestow self confidence at any age.

We pride ourselves with creating beauty solutions that work with our bodies own healing mechanisms. We build our tools to support and promote the bodies ability to regenerate cells, counteract inflammation and to advance (supercharge) the many benefits of increasing circulation.


All of our products are made in the USA! We keep jobs in our communities and support our societal growth and stand behind the quality we provide.


We always offer free standard shipping in the continental US! We don't believe in wasting your hard earned money on logistics.


Each of us have struggles in our lives and go through “hard times” in one way or another. However, everyday that we are breathing and waking up in this beautiful world is a blessing. Everyone needs a guardian angel, a little help, or perhaps just a smile to change the fate or path of their life… We are committed to giving LOVE to others in need, always!

Each year we select a different Charity to focus on and donate 5% of our profits to their incredible work. Whether its medical research finding a cure for ill children, relief efforts that are picking up the pieces of destroyed communities, or saving a species from extinction, we Love our world and believe in supporting its well being, as well.

We are proud to announce that this year we have chosen to support Freedom Service Dogs of America.

This outstanding non-profit charity rescues dogs from shelters across the country and custom trains them to become service dogs for children, adults, active duty military and veterans with various disabilities. They use only positive training methods and provide lifetime support. They are saving lives, building bonds and strengthening independence.

You may visit their website at www.freedomservicedogs.org to learn more about their amazing work.

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