We are a Mother and Daughter owned company. We have a combined 30 years of experience in massage therapy and esthetics, as well as 15 years in the medical industry. Our solid foundation of education, experience, insight, and creativity fueled the creation of our company. 

We have a strong passion for health and healing, we see beauty in the world and believe in fairness in life. An important part of our company is staying true to who we are and supporting good causes in the world. 

Starting this company has been a whirlwind of combining amazing ideas, with countless hours of hard work and determination. We are always designing new prototypes, creating solutions to ailments and making products that improve our beauty and well being. Our creative juices seem to flow faster than we have time to process them.  

We pride ourselves on making high quality products that are long lasting and deliver measurable results. All of our products are made to relieve discomfort, improve health, and preserve beauty without the use of harsh chemicals or surgery. We simply provide helpful, healthy options to keep our skin youthful…. and our spirits:)