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― Christopher Pike



Kate Moss’s Secret Facial Remedy Is Already in Your Freezer
Celebrities and Models use the benefits of cold massage and compress daily to banish under eye bags, increase blood flow, minimize pores and soothe inflammation. Giving them that glowing radiant skin.


The Benefits of Facial Massage

Swap Needles for Kneading
Better Than Botox? The Benefits of Facial Massage
The Wall Street Journal

Botulinum Toxin (Dysport or Botox): lumps, bumps and bruises
Icing helps Lump after Botox injection; swelling from fluid or a bleed.
Dr.s weigh in on the positive benefits of ice cold compress after Botox or Disport injections.

Massage Can Reduce Symptoms of Depression
The research indicates that massage can improve mood and reduce depression. The American Massage Therapy Association