The Mpress Single
The Mpress Single
The Mpress Single
The Mpress Single

The Mpress Single

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The Mpress Single is the solo version of our Professional Mpress Facial Massage Set. The Mpress is a unique universal tool with a long list of health benefits.

The patent pending Mpress is designed to gently follow all the contours of the face, neck and décolleté. It may be heated or chilled in seconds depending on your desired use. It is made of 100% solid surgical stainless steel that will last a lifetime and can be disinfected.

Reduce puffy eyes
Stimulate lymphatic drainage (reduce swelling and remove toxins)
Tone and lift facial muscles
Relax fine lines and wrinkles
Stimulate Collagen production
Therapeutic massage for tension headaches, sinus pressure and TMJ pain
Soothe and calm inflammation, acne, sensitive skin, and rosacea
Increase product penetration
Increase circulation 
Closes pores 
Plumps lips

The list goes on and on…  *See Tutorials*

(For list of professional uses please see our Professional Mpress Facial Massage Set Use List) 

Material: 100% solid stainless steel
Dimensions: 57 mm X 32 mm
Can be sanitized and disinfected 


You may sanitize and disinfect the Mpress in accordance with your EPA registered Barbicide solution (if being used professionally and on multiple people).  *The Mpress has NOT been tested for sterilization in an autoclave. 

Avoid contact with any scrubs during facials and sharp implements such as scissors or tweezers while sanitizing and disinfecting.

You may warm the Mpress by placing it in a small bowl of WARM water.  *ALWAYS check the temperature before making contact with the clients skin to avoid burns. *NEVER PLACE MPRESS IN HOT WATER, TOWEL CABBY, OR MICROWAVE

When cooling the Mpress, you may place it in refrigeration or in a bowl with an ice cube. *DO NOT PLACE MPRESS IN FREEZER.